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Watch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfaction Online Full Video

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Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 It seems crazy, but we only have two days until Young Justice comes out of its hiatus like a majestic bear waking up from its long slumber to maul us with heartache and emotions. It’s been a long summer to wait, to wonder, to over-analyze the past episodes for any clues to what could possibly be coming. Since DC Nation started in the spring, I’ve dived head first into the Young Justice fandom and since the animation department is the only area that DC Comics haven’t thoroughly messed up this summer, I’m very glad to see Young Justice come back. Between the preview videos and the preview screenshots (on top of the comic that was released earlier this month), there’s certainly a lot to say about the potential of the show in the upcoming episodes. So here’s what I’m thinking …

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 In the preview, we got to see Jade swear vengeance on Kaldur for her sister’s death. Remember that earlier that month she helped pull Red Arrow back together and went with him to the far corners of the earth to find the original Roy. Jade offered her help up willingly … and I can see her coming to Roy to return the favor. So she goes to her husband and asks him to help her kill Kaldur, aka Roy’s best friend. We’ve essentially got a Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice/Benedick/Claudio situation going on. The question is if this will all get resolved before blood is shed.

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 Yes, this is mostly what I want to happen, but it does make sense. If the fastest way to get Artemis home is to stop the invasion then Wally’s going to do everything he can to help. Plus, he has a chance to see her and make sure he’s the one to fight her instead of a team member who sees her as an enemy. I’m also thinking if Wally does come back to the team that we’ll see more Bart and Wally interaction with Kid Flash becoming a speedster mentor. And any interaction with Bart means more possibilities to learn about his future.

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 This was something I picked up on in the Comic-Con trailer, namely that Artemis looks miserable in her role as a would-be bad guy. And I don’t blame her one bit! The great part of her character arc in the 1st season was her choosing her own path despite her father telling her that crime was in her blood. She choose to help people and be a hero — to make her own fate. Now she’s back in the role of a villain and I’m guessing she’s really good at it because let’s face it … Artemis kicks butt. Her father’s voice is in the back of her head telling her this is where she belongs and she’s struggling without the support of most of her teammates, especially Wally.

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 On the other side is Kaldur. We have the most soft spoken and gentle of the original team playing the role of a sinister general. He’s been undercover for months and that takes a toll on a person. This is especially true when your biological father is the one praising you for your “good work,” work that you’re exceptionally good at. Now, the good news is that Artemis and Kaldur have each other for support during their darkest times, but as Kaldur has already found out, there are difficult choices to be made for those undercover. How far are they going to have to go with their teammates and who is going to get hurt?

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 Again, this one is more on the wish list side of things, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We know we’re going to see Tim fighting in civilian clothes and Barbara is supposed to have a decent size storyline in the comics, so building on those characters looks good. And yes, I want Dick and Barbara to get together because I’ve been rooting for these two in the cartoons since about 1994, but I just want to see more of Barbara because she’s my favorite. So if that means we don’t get a Dick and Babs romance but we still have the Bat kid trio working together, then so be it. Like pretty much all the season 2 added characters, I just want to see more character development from Tim and Barb.

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 One of the very first hypotheses that came from the fans after “Depths” was that the now very powerful M’gann would destroy her former friend’s mind like she did the aliens. She’d either get revenge by mind-attacking Kaldur or his mysterious new second-in-command Tigress. And it would only be later that she discovers they were undercover and she has become the monster she was always terrified of becoming. However, there are two reasons why I don’t think it’s going to go down that way. For one, Jade is already focused on the revenge plot.

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